Who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

Tutis – Protected safe and secure VPN tunnel connections. To have a look about what VPN is, click this link.

Why do I need a VPN from Tutis?
– Are you feeling safe on the internet all the time while the government are watching and logging you? Fine, you dont need Tutis then. But if you don’t feel safe, then you need Tutis.
Why Tutis when there’s plenty of VPN tunnels out there?
– Look at the price. I think we’re cheapest in the world, honestly.
Ok, I want to try this, how do I do?
– First of all, do you know what a VPN is? Click on “how to connect” and look at the video. Did you get it? You become a person with a mask on. You can walk wherever you want in another mans footstep. You can jump between different countries in a second. Now – that’s what I call anonymous.
It’s so cheap that you can atleast try it out for 1 month. We will help you get started!

We believe in anonymous.